Secrets of the Nile

Book 1

If you’re reading this, it may mean I don’t exist anymore. Time travel’s like that. Here today, erased tomorrow.

16yo Madison Bryant and Riley Sinclair travel to Ancient Egypt in his latest invention – a time and space machine. They mean to stay a day or two and observe, not interact with anyone.

But when a local girl invites them to stay in her family home, they’re drawn into village dramas and can’t resist using their future knowledge to help. Their actions ripple through the time continuum with unexpected results.



Revenge of the Black Knight

Time travel rule no.1 No romance!

 After their Ancient Egyptian trip, 16-year-old Madison and Riley vowed never to time travel again. They’d set the world to rights—just—so that was that.

 Only back at school, not everything is right. A fellow student is missing. And he’s not off sick or on holiday. No-one but Maddy and Riley even remembers his name.

 To get the student back, they must travel to medieval England and repair the family’s timeline. They plan to locate the people, fix the problem and leave—quick and clean. But, as medieval intrigue swirls about them—with murders, a castle siege and a mysterious knight in black bent on revenge—new loyalties draw them into a web of danger.

Weapons and armies can change the course of history but Maddy knows matters of the heart can warp the timeline too.  A relationship based on mutual antagonism seems safe enough—until the hostility ebbs away and a more dangerous emotion creeps in.

 They meant to tread lightly through time. Instead, they’re leaving giant yeti-like footprints behind them, 


Book 2 

Shoot-out at Death Canyon

Time Travel Fact: Guns are not the only, nor the most effective, means of erasing an enemy

When Madison and Riley return from medieval England, someone’s there who shouldn’t be. A stowaway from the period  turns up in Maddy’s class, seeking revenge.

The intruder tries to worm their way into Maddy’s friend group and, with barbed comments and dirty tricks, force her out. Then they kidnap Lauren, Maddy’s best friend, jumping through time and space with her.

Maddy and Riley learn the pair have gone to the Wild West of America where cowboys and buffalo roam the plains. So they chase them, through dusty towns and saloons, across landscapes of epic beauty and danger, with a price on their heads and bounty hunters on their trail.

Will Maddy find Lauren and escape the west? Or will she  shoot it out with the time traveller and watch the consequences cascade through the continuum for 150 years?


                          Book 3 

Black Tides

Look for the plainest treasure in the box, the one with no shine. And there be…the key.

A new player is seeking the source of temporal power and the quest is on. Whoever finds the aqua pearl first will dominate the world of time travel.

Madison and Riley are, once again, forced to launch into the past to try to fix the future. Press-ganged onto a pirate crew, with navy ships in pursuit, they struggle to keep their footing as they navigate to a mysterious island that appears and disappears with the tides.

Forming an allegiance with the swashbuckling pirate captain seems the best course. But can he be trusted or will he steal the treasure and Maddy’s heart along with it?

Some sharks operate in water, others on deck, in this exciting time travel adventure on the high seas.

Book 4 (Out July 18, 2024)

Samurai Steal

Every Samurai knows a sword contains the soul of the warrior it was made for.

With Riley missing, presumed dead, Madison teams up with Recall to do a time travel heist.

Accompanied by her friend Chi, she travels back to Edo Japan, circa 1600, to steal the Dragon’s Breath, an ancient Samurai sword with a rich source of temporal power in the handle.

A Recall agent in the period helps them get jobs as entertainers in the home of the family protecting the sword. By day, the girls practise their routine. By night, among the blossoms of an expansive Japanese garden, they make plans to steal the sword which is guarded by a trio of powerful Samurai. Brute force is not an option; it’s the ninja’s art they must learn to achieve their goal.

Will they secure the blade and get Riley back? Or will the enemy agent betray them, leaving them at the mercy of some of history’s fiercest warriors?


Book 5 (Out Sept 18, 2024)

Point of Origin

If you’re reading this, it may mean I’m in trouble. I am, Riley is…the whole world is in deep strife.

 With their friend missing and people throughout history falling through holes in the continuum, seventeen-year-old Madison and Riley must travel to the future to get to the bottom of who’s at the top of the shadowy time travel organisation known as Recall.

 At the front of their mind is a question—how did Recall find out about time travel? Who told them? If they learn the answer, they’ll need to undo that one moment, winding back the chain of events that led the world into an almighty mess. If they can’t find that precise point in time—the origin of all the trouble—and reverse it, the temporal walls separating one age from another might come down, leading to a terminal global event.

Time travel’s like that, you see. Here one day, utterly erased the next.


Book 6 (Out Nov 10, 2024)